Boodle Fight in the City at Gillid’s 8fifty

Ready on the left,
Ready on the right,
Commence boodle fight!

Those are the usual words a senior military officer in the Philippines utter as a signal to the soldiers that they can now eat. Boodle fight is a tradition of the Philippine Military Academy where cadets would gather around a long table full of food and rice is spread over banana leaves and eaten with bare hands.

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How the OPPO F3 Plus Made Me Switch to the #SelfieExpert

Just this May 2017, OPPO Philippines and HWM Philippines conducted a user trial program for the OPPO F3 Plus and selected five participants from Facebook as testers. Luckily, I am one of those chosen testers out of over a hundred people who have joined the online screening. We were then given an OPPO F3 Plus unit to be reviewed and tested for two weeks and publish our reviews through our Facebook accounts. And here are the summary of my own test and review of the OPPO F3 Plus.

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