A Taste of Korea at Jonglo Restaurant

We’ve found a unique restaurant in Manila and a quick visit here makes you feel you are in South Korea. Why? Because aside from the fact that you got to taste authentic Korean cuisine here, you can dress like a citizen of Korea with the use of their free hanbok.

img_6647-1Jonglo Korean Restaurant is located at 1734 Jeorge Bocobo St., in Malate, Manila. It is very accessible as it is just a few walks away from a nearby mall. If you are familiar with LRT Pedro Gil, walk from there towards Robinsons Place Manila. After passing five street corners and you see a Bocobo Street sign, turn left. A few more walk and just after Malvar Street, you will finally reach Jonglo.


To be honest, my foodie buddy Karla and I are not K-Pop fans nor bitten by the K-drama craze and more so, we don’t look like Koreans. But of course, everybody loves Korea and we all dream to go to this Land of the Morning Calm. But since traveling to this beautiful country is costly, we will just satisfy our thirst for Korea in a place where we can feel like we were actually there. Yes, Jonglo Korean Restaurant is the place to be if you want to experience the “Korean feels”.


Jonglo Korean Restaurant is not that big but cozy enough to accommodate all eager customers because it is open 24 hours a day. Likewise, it offers affordable Korean food. For 1,180 pesos, my three companions and I already enjoyed our more than one hour stay. That’s 295 pesos per head only, yet we got to taste Korea’s popular food like Samgyupsal, Cheese Gheran mari, Gun Mandu and Ra Myun and they also have free side dishes including the famous kimchi.


And the most exciting part is that you got the opportunity to wear traditional Korean dress like the ones you see in K-dramas. You can experience here to be a King, a Princess, a Crown Princess, a Eunuch, etc.

I suddenly love Jonglo that I went back here together with my new friends who are eager to try what I have experienced here. They also liked the restaurant and we can’t help but take as many pictures of us as we can in our Korean costumes.


Do you want to visit this place, too? Head now and get a chance to taste and experience Korea even just for one day. I assure that it is Instagram and Facebook feeds-worthy.

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5 thoughts on “A Taste of Korea at Jonglo Restaurant

  1. I love Korean food, especially bibimbap. The best part of having a meal the local way, is to dress up like one. Besides the costumes, the food looks quite delectable.


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